Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Fresh Start

After a long long time, im finally returning to the world of warcraft. I spent so much time deciding what i was going to do with my paladin that i didnt really play him. First i tried holy, but healing bored me to tears. So i decided maybe i should go with something more dynamic, and re-specced retribution. Unfortunately i rarely got invited into groups because the other classes did wat i was doing 10 times better. I was confused on what i should do...I hated healing but everyone else said that pallies should be healing. i loved being in the thick of battle, but no one wanted my assistance in their groups. I finally came to the point of almost re-rolling a warrior when i decided to try one more time. and it was the best decision i ever made. i re specced protection and for the first time since i had started playing i felt i had finally found my place. Tanking is was made to do. Defending my comrads as i fend of vicious beasts and unspeakable makes my feel soo alive!


And now that im comming back, i plan to hone my tanking skills to perfection. and though i may still be a noob, only being lvl 29, i will put forth as much effort as i can to make myself the best possible tank i can. I will achieve utmost perfection so that no matter what creature we face, so long as i remain standing, my comrads will as well.